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Home Appliance Repair And Installation

Having trouble connecting household appliances or don't have the tools to install appliances? Our expert installation will have your appliances up and running in no time.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Business owners understand the importance of having appliances that work - especially in the food, hospitality, service, and many other areas. When an appliance isn't working it can affect sales and reviews. Our expert technicians can fix it!

Preventative Maintenance

Sign up with us for a yearly scheduled maintenance check-up which will keep your appliance lasting longer !

Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 support. Most appliance needs fixing right away and cannot afford to be delayed. We are available at all times of the time for scheduled maintainance.

Why You Should Choose Us.

Top Professionals

With over two decades worth of experience our expert technicians are experienced to handle all problems with new or old appliances.

Fast & Reliable

We pride ourselves on being unnoticed when we are at your home or business. We also pride ourselves on fixing your appliance one second and then gone the next within a matter of hours.

Emergency Center

We accept emergency calls around the hour. Appliances don't break on time, so we'll be there whenever you need us.

Free Schedule

With plenty of experienced technicians ready to fix anything from a refrigerator to a washer machine we service many client fast and efficiently which allows us room for more calls.

24/7 Available

We offer repairs 24 hours around the clock - seven days a week.

Positive Reviews

With Yelp and Google delivering positive reviews, we are happy to stand by our progress and our will to deliver the same every day.

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Refrigerator

As the City of Grand Terrace grows, so will the purchase in refrigerators. When repairs no longer cut it it may be time to invest in something new. Here are five things to consider when purchasing a new refrigerator.

  • Think of Freestanding Vs. Built In Refrigerators: Despite the fact that the more common style of refrigerator is freestanding, it’s worth the time to become familiar with the differences between the two. Freestanding refrigerators are easy to install. You should simply plug it into an outlet and slide the unit into place. On the off chance that you need a built-in unit, know that it must be built into your cabinetry. The advantage here is they fit into place like a glove, and exposed parts can be secured with materials to coordinate the cabinets. Or then again, decide on a counter-depth freestanding fridge for a tweaked built-in look.
  • How The Setup Will Be For You And Your Home: Pick whether you need one next to the other fridge-freezer, or a fridge on top and a freezer  cabinet underneath. There’s additionally the great alternative of the cooler on top with a draw open entryway. Visit a showroom to see these alternatives so you can make sense of what suits you and your kitchen space best. The measure of extra room shifts between various brands and the style they are built. Some are best suited for maximum storage but may be easier to clean and vice versa.
  • Check On The Style of Door: A few refrigerators have French style swinging doors up top and a pull-open freezer cabinet handle beneath, while different doors swing open to one side or right. Regardless of how the doors are intended to open, ensure they give you great access to the inside of the fridge. Maintain a strategic distance from units with doors that cause you to need to extend your neck to get inside. Likewise, measure the space you intend to put it to guarantee there’s sufficient space for the door to open the whole distance.
  • The Size Of The Fridge: Be sure to measure the space the unit will be placed into. Usually the fridge sits between cabinetry and the pantry area. Measure in all directions including how far the fridge will extend into your kitchen space.
  • Check If the Fridge Is Energy Efficient: An energy efficient fridge is a money saving fridge. Look for an EPA energy star rating for your fridge. It is crucial to save energy which in turn will save you money. Who wouldn’t want that!

If you are looking for recommendation on a fine work fridge give your Grand Terrace Appliance Repairman today!

About The City of Grand Terrace

Grand Terrace, CA is a city that rests in San Bernardino County, California. It is the home of roughly 12,000 people, with an expanding population due to growth in the Highgrove area and Grand Terrace High School. With new developing land it is becoming the intersection between Riverside, Colton, Loma Linda, And Highgrove. Once known as “South Colton” it is a developing land that is earning its way into a beautiful landscape with new home development and a growing Sandals Church population

Appliance Repair in Grand Terrace is not the only service we can provide. We new home development in the area we are becoming popular for appliance installation. If you need a refrigerator or dishwasher installed our repairman can assist you today. Is an appliance not working and in need of repair? We offer refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, washer machine repair and more! Call your appliance repairman for all appliance inquiries! With fast turnaround times and low prices we are the best in the city of Grand Terrace, CA.

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