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Home Appliance Repair And Installation

Having trouble connecting household appliances or don't have the tools to install appliances? Our expert installation will have your appliances up and running in no time.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Business owners understand the importance of having appliances that work - especially in the food, hospitality, service, and many other areas. When an appliance isn't working it can affect sales and reviews. Our expert technicians can fix it!

Preventative Maintenance

Sign up with us for a yearly scheduled maintenance check-up which will keep your appliance lasting longer !

Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 support. Most appliance needs fixing right away and cannot afford to be delayed. We are available at all times of the time for scheduled maintainance.

Why You Should Choose Us.

Top Professionals

With over two decades worth of experience our expert technicians are experienced to handle all problems with new or old appliances.

Fast & Reliable

We pride ourselves on being unnoticed when we are at your home or business. We also pride ourselves on fixing your appliance one second and then gone the next within a matter of hours.

Emergency Center

We accept emergency calls around the hour. Appliances don't break on time, so we'll be there whenever you need us.

Free Schedule

With plenty of experienced technicians ready to fix anything from a refrigerator to a washer machine we service many client fast and efficiently which allows us room for more calls.

24/7 Available

We offer repairs 24 hours around the clock - seven days a week.

Positive Reviews

With Yelp and Google delivering positive reviews, we are happy to stand by our progress and our will to deliver the same every day.

4 Tips On Appliance Maintenance In The Kitchen

Plenty of money has been spent in the City of Colton purchasing appliances in the 2010s. Failing to invest your time and effort in maintaining your appliances can be a costly mistake in the long-run. Maintained appliances statistically tend to last on average of 4-7 years longer. Whether your appliance are brand new or ancient relics that exist and somehow seem to be marching on you can save yourself money with regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can lower your energy costs, reduce repair bills, and increase the lifespan of your appliance. Here are 4 simple, quick, and effective tips on appliance maintenance.

Keep Your Refrigerator Cleaned

This sounds pretty easy to do, but many fairly often do not maintain their cleanliness. Cleaning the inside and outside of your fridge can reduce gunk that can disrupt the rubber seals of your door, making the seal less effective, thus, causing a waste of energy to keep your fridge cooler. Also, it is best to clean the condenser coil underneath the back or bottom of the fridge. This will keep your fridge more efficient and extends its lifespan.

Be Sure To Thoroughly Clean Your Oven

A clean oven is more than just a self-clean cycle. Its using elbow grease to clean the nasty spills and mess spread throughout the oven. Keeping the oven clean of grease and boiled liquids and solids will reduce debris buildup which can clog many small parts of the oven, expanding the lifespan.

Use The Right Cleaning Products

Using the right cleaning products that are tailored to each individual item. The purpose of this is to fight the right bacteria and messes associated with each mess. Using the right cleaner will also fight grease and oil faster than others. Causing permanent

Call Your Colton Appliance Repair Team

If you call an appliance repairman when you recognize an appliance isn’t running efficiently you can save yourself plenty of money. A Cotlon repairman can fix smaller parts that usually save larger parts from wear and tear, saving you plenty of money down the line. A repairman can also clean and maintain an appliance before a repair is ever needed.

We service all major appliances and major brands. Call us today for repair or installation!

About The City of Colton

The city of Colton resides in the San Bernardino County area which is home to roughly around 50,000 people. Popular for its Santa Fe Train Station, it is a popular city pass on the way to Los Angeles just alongside the 10 Freeway.

Statistics show many that live around the East Side of Colton, CA often live in homes 20-30 years old on average. This notable age in homes has created an influx for home that need repairs; whether home, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Colton Appliance repair is becoming a major highlight for the industry. As the economy rises statistics are showing an influx of repairs made in the area, along with newly purchased appliances such as refrigerators and washer machines. If you are in need of a refrigerator repair or dishwasher repair in the City of Colton CA call your appliance repair man today!

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